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Bioprocess engineering is a discipline responsible for translating life-science discoveries into practical products, processes, or systems for the benefit of society and mankind. Bioprocess engineering continues to innovate and adapt technologies, knowledge and principles based on the myriad aspects of life. Malaysia is rich in biodiversity and has great potential to develop its indigenous bioresources. The theme “Illuminating Chemical and Bioengineering Roles towards Biosustainability and Green Technology” will enrich the different approaches that can be employed towards attaining our conference objectives. These include the development of new concepts, methods and applications of bioprocess engineering in the production of biomaterials useful to mankind. Bioprocess engineering will continue to create new frontiers in research, innovation and commercialization towards improving living standards and meeting globalization needs.
The School of Bioprocess Engineering of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) has initiated and successfully organized the 1st Malaysian International Conference on Trends in Bioprocess Engineering (MICOTriBE) in December 2009. The 2nd MICOTriBE 2012 aims to integrate current knowledge and technological advancement among academicians, researchers, industry players, corporate leaders and interest groups to enhance our global scientific and professional networking. The sharing of new ideas in fundamental and applied research in the various bioengineering disciplines will broaden the scope of bioengineering research in tertiary institutions, research organizations, related industries and private sectors.